The purpose of this site is to serve as a way to show both online and real world topics that interest me. I originally had it running on WordPress.com, but due to life complications I had to shelve it for a few years.

Common topics you will find on this site include:

  • Photography
    • in terms of photographs I have taken around the world over the years,
    • information about photography
  • Military / Tactical information
    • much of this will be news about interesting developments in the realm of Military or Tactical gear or happenings around the world,
    • reviews of different pieces of gear that I have had the opportunity to test out,
    • patches, both official and morale.
  • Books
    • Reviews about different books that might be or interest to others.
  • Video Games
    • Reviews of video games and related items (soundtracks, collectables, etc…).
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Posts about different ICT and Social Media in the news or their use.

Also, you will probably find an overlap between the various categories. For instance, a review of a book about a specific battle in Afghanistan that would fit into both Books and Tactical, or a collection of photographs from a military museum that would fit into both Photography and Tactical.

If you would like to contact me about anything you see on this site, feel free to leave a comment on the specific page or post, OR use the contact form below.

Thank you.


June 2015

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