Cherry Blossoms in Uiwang, South Korea

Back in 2007-2008, I lived and worked in South Korea for a year. One of my favourite things to do there was to explore the land and take photographs. This post is a collection of my favourite photographs of the cherry trees blossoming in April 2008 in Uiwang ( “의왕시” in Hangul and pronounced something like “we-wong”).

For reference, Uiwang is a smaller city south of Seoul and just northwest of Suwon. All of these photographs were taken within walking distance of the Uiwang subway station (Seoul subway line 1), along the side of lake (I think it was named “Lake Baekun” but I’m not sure) near the Korean Railroad Museum.

Like many of my pictures of South Korea, I took these pictures with my old Nikon COOLPIX P4. Which was a really great point and shoot pocket camera, possibly the best one I ever had… at least until it’s untimely and unfortunate death, but that’s another blog post.

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