US Army Ranger School First Female Graduates

There’s been several different news stories over the last week about the two first ever women who were due to graduate from the US Army Ranger School this weekend; 1st Lt. Shaye Haver (25, Apache helicopter pilot) and Capt. Kristen Griest, (26, Military Police platoon leader). While this historic event does merit the news coverage it has been getting, (I would argue actually that it should be getting more press than it is), I have found that most of the news stories are saying pretty much the same generic things. I am guessing that this is based upon the fact that all the media outlets are getting their information from the same press releases from the US Army and a few interviews.

Two articles that sums things up very well were published by NPR on:

However, I found the best article I have read was written by Rudy Mac, who actually went through Ranger School himself and is currently an officer serving in the US Army. I feel that his own experiences in Ranger School and training with female soldiers at Ranger School, including his first hand accounts of what 1st Lt. Haver, Capt. Griest (and every other candidate regardless of their gender), went through to get their Ranger tabs, is much more informative and gives you a better picture of what this accomplishment really is. Take a look at his article at if you really want to get more on the training that went into this historic event.


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