Medal of Honor Velcro Patches

This post is based largely on my post from my old blog, but updated to 2015

One of the cool things I noticed about the first Medal of Honor (I am talking about the 2010 game) was the attention to detail, like how all the characters had different unit patches on their uniforms. I did a bit of hunting around to see if I could find these for sale anywhere, but all I could find was copies of the originals, which were made as a promotional thing in 2010 and did not appear to be for sale anywhere… so I gave up looking after a few months.

However, with the release Medal of Honor: Warfighter in 2012, the same company that had done the original MoH unit patches (LBX Tactical, a division of LBT Inc.) had re-released the original patches again AND also the unit patches for the new game as well. I ordered a few and you can see some of them in the featured image. Unfortunately, they appear to have stopped selling them on their website again, but you can still find some of them available from different online resellers.

In total, they made 8 different patches: 4 from the 2010 MoH and another 4 from MoH: Warfighter. The quality is very good and they come with the velcro already attached. Measurements are about 3 inches high (7.5 cm) by 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) wide. The patches have a thin profile, so they are less likely to get snagged on things. They each come in their own little envelope (3 of which you can see in the photo) and are really a good deal as far as I am concerned.

Prices were $6.85 USD each.

If you’re interested in getting a few of them for yourself, for getting into the game while playing, showing off your devotion to the game while on the street, or just wanting to make other gamers jealous when you walk into your favourite gaming store, I really suggest tracking down a few of your own.

LBX Tactical are still offering an iPad sleeve with places to put your MoH patches.


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