Mechanix Customer Service FTW

In this world were bad news travels fast and positive news very slowly, if at all, I thought it would be a good idea to share a positive personal story of dealing with customer service at a large company.

DefectiveMXGlove01A few months ago, I bought a pair of Original Coyote gloves from Mechanix and had them shipped to my house. When they arrived, I was a little surprised to see the stitching on the left glove near the base of the fingers was more noticeable than it should be and much more so than on the right glove, but I figured it wasn’t really an issue as it didn’t affect the fit or comfort of the glove.

DefectiveMXGlove02However, a week later I noticed that the material was beginning to pull apart at the seam on the palm side of the same glove. It was small, but once again this was after only about a week’s worth of use. Considering  how fast it had appeared after I started wearing them, I was pretty sure that they would not survive the summer. Two problems on the same glove? This stuck me as very unusual and inconsistent from my own experience with a previous pair of Mechanix gloves and what I had read about in online reviews. My impression was that this was a manufacturing defect issue and so I emailed customer support at Mechanix along with a few photos of the problem.

DefectiveMXGlove03Now normally I, like most people I am guessing, really dislike dealing with customer support. Usually I feel like the company doesn’t really treat me like a fellow human, that they don’t respect me as a customer, and will do the bare minimum to fix the problem. I was very happily proven wrong in this case. The customer support person at their BC office (who I’ll call “KM”) was very human, treated me like I wasn’t wasting her time, seemed to genuinely value me as a customer, was understanding, reasonable, and reassured me that they would replace the gloves ASAP. All I had to do was ship the old gloves back to them and provide them with the tracking number. While I was initially a little disappointed about having to pay for the shipping, it really wasn’t very much and honestly considering the great quality fast service and respect I got from them, it seemed like a very small thing.

In short order I had my replacement gloves delivered to my home and I can state that they are perfect! They were comfortable and up to the level of craftsmanship that I expected from a company like Mechanix. After a few more months of wearing them, I’ll post a review.

While I was already a fan of Mechanix, after this positive experience with their customer support, I feel that they really do stand behind their products and that they provide good quality customer support. I will definitely suggest their products to my friends.


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